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Friendships are one of God’s finest creations. Those that are made at school during our formative years remain strong in our hearts and minds throughout our lives. The great dispersal at the end of our school careers come as a shock to us all. We then embark on our journeys through life in the wider world getting on the treadmill to carve ourselves careers and raise our families. It is not until these life’s obligations are fulfilled do we get the time to look back and trace our school friends who meant so much to us. Good communications in the 21st Century, internet and telephone services have made these easier. But these still remain an alien culture to some of us who grew up in the fifties. Many now use Skype , Flickr Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch. Email still remains an easy way to contact friends.

Old Boys Database

Don't lose contact with your school friends. With the Internet and modern Telecommunications it is easier to keep in touch, than you think. Please send me your details including the email address to be included in the database, completely free of charge. Your friends are just a phone call away (or email away).

If you want your details to be on the database

Please send me your : Name. Address, Phone, Email and the years you were at Wesley Eg. 1950-62

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The Double Blue International is proud to support all websites affiliated to Wesley College Colombo. Please use the links. The Australian OBU has a strong membership. Please join the Old Boys Unions and be an integral part of our brotherhood. Wesley College and its websites have entered the IT world of the 21st century. The Double Blue International has a new home on the internet. Now it is hosted and maintained by the Wesley College Colombo OBU of Australia. We thank those who contributed articles and photographs for the websites to keep our memories alive. Please send your articles and images to the web editor.

Best wishes

Wesley College Colombo OBU Australia

About Our other Friendly Websites

There are several other sites dedicated to the school managed by loyal old boys whose addresses are available as links from the sites given. Please patronise the websites and let us know how we could improve them. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for the suggestions and helpful advice we have received in the past.

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